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        @Karthi check the below task and complete it.

        1. Discovering multiple types of error in chats (Have to create a document on this)
        2. Difference between SEO and PBN hosting package(.com)
        3. Difference between Business and WordPress hosting package(.in)
        4. Write an article about “what is PBN and how it works. The importance of PBN hosting.

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          Hi Swetha,
          Let you know once i completed

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            Today task(19-03-2024),

            Difference between Business and WordPress hosting package(.in)
            Article -> How to create a FTP account In cPanel and connect using Filezilla
            Article -> Changing the WordPress Password in multiple ways
            Difference between and

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              @Karthi Today Tasks,

              1. How to Buy a Domain In
              2. How to Buy a Hosting Package(SEO) In
              3. How to update private nameservers in the Seekahost client area
              4. How to host a domain in WHM

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                  How to Buy a Domain In
                  What is domain name why you need domain,

                  Domain is we can create a name in our name or organization name is called domain name, For example; www, For business example; www It is like home address.

                  Why you need domain,

                  You need a domain name to get online and build a website or blog with web hosting. Domain name is the website address which you will get from a domain name registrar.


                  How to pick a good domain name

                  To pick a good domain name you will have to think about the goals of your personal blog or business website, and the do the keyword research to find the best name for the domain.

                  Once you picked your goal, you need to find the perfect name. When registering your domain name for business, make sure it fits your business well.


                  Understanding domain registering

                  Ø To get a domain name, you need to register the name with a group known as ICANN. You can’t register directly with ICANN but you can register through a domain registrar.

                  Ø If you are a business person, then you should register a domain name the same as your business name. so that it will be easy for people to reach or trust.

                  Ø In future you will not get domain name within 10 characters so, this the time for register your domain.


                  How to register Domain in SeekaHost step by step


                  1.    Picking a great domain name is the most important thing you need to do.

                  2.    Make sure you have online payment methods like PayPal, Credit/Debit Card, Net banking,

                  3.    When you get the domain name, it will automatically link to the registrar’s default nameservers. But if you want, you can switch it to the value given by your hosting company.

                  4.    Making live your website is final process.

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                    How to buy SEO package in

                    Once purchased the domains, you need hosting to store files and develop your website. Before purchasing a package, know your requirements for the domains and choose accordingly.

                    If you want buy SEO package follow below steps;


                    1.    Click ‘Get started’ on which plan you choose from the package.


                    2.    Choose the billing cycle
                    3.    Under the additional information, you want to give your domain names


                    4.    Choose the respective options and click check out.


                    5.    In case you have forgot to mention the domain names while ordering the package you can still share the domain list through ticket

                    To raise ticket, login to client area -> support -> ticket -> open ticket.



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                      How to update Private nameservers in the SeekaHost client area:

                      This information will give you step-by-step instructions on how to edit or update private nameservers in SeekaHost

                      STEP 1 – Login to your SeekaHost account

                      STEP 2 – Click on the domain and my domains


                      STEP 3 – After this, you want to choose the domain in which you want to update name servers.

                      Once you select your domain you want to click that dot after that you want to Click managing domain.

                      STEP 4 – For registering name server you want to select the private name server on your left,
                      In the Nameserver box you want to give ns.1
                      In the IP address box you want to give the domain’s IP address.

                      After that you want to click Save Changes to register a Nameserver name


                      STEP 5 – Modify a Nameserver IP
                      If you want to modify your nameserver IP you want use this place,

                      You want to give > Nameserver
                      > Current IP address
                      > New IP address


                      Click the save changes.


                      STEP 6 – Delete nameserver,

                      If you want to delete your nameserver, in this box you want to give your Nameserver name and click the save changes to delete your Nameserver.


                      STEP 7 – Updating Nameserver,

                      To click on the Nameserver option and click Use Custom Nameserver and enter the list of Nameserver and click change Nameserver



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                    VERIFIED ADMIN

                      ALL GOOD

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                        Creating cPanel accounts in WHM
                        We going to see how to create cPanel account in WHM,

                        STEP 1 – Login in to WHM

                        STEP 2 – Type creates in the search box then click create a New Account in the Account functions section.

                        STEP 3 – After that you want fill information in domain information area.

                        You want to give below information,

                        > Domain -> here you want to give domain name
                        > Username -> here you can give username for cPanel account
                        > Password -> you can give any strength password
                        > Email -> here you can give register mail id.


                        STEP 4 – Choose the package manually

                        STEP 5 – After this you want to change site’s Ip,

                        For change IP, go through > Account Functions > change site’s Ip address > Search for domain, select the domain > click change IP > there you can change the IP which you want to change.

                        STEP 5 – You want to create DNS record,

                        DNS Functions > Edit DNS zone

                        1. You will see a list of all the zones already on the server. Find the domain you want to edit, select it, and click the edit button bellow the box.

                        2. After selecting your domain and clicking the edit button, a new page will open where you can edit and create records.

                        3. You can change every DNS records there, after change the DNS you want to click the option save, to save the your changes.



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                          @Karthi Today Tasks,

                          1. What is the mixed content error and how to fix in WordPress websites?
                          2. How to configure IMAP and POP3 with Outlook?
                          3. What are Email providers and how to configure their records?

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