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    Creating cPanel accounts in WHM
    We going to see how to create cPanel account in WHM,

    STEP 1 – Login in to WHM

    STEP 2 – Type creates in the search box then click create a New Account in the Account functions section.

    STEP 3 – After that you want fill information in domain information area.

    You want to give below information,

    > Domain -> here you want to give domain name
    > Username -> here you can give username for cPanel account
    > Password -> you can give any strength password
    > Email -> here you can give register mail id.


    STEP 4 – Choose the package manually

    STEP 5 – After this you want to change site’s Ip,

    For change IP, go through > Account Functions > change site’s Ip address > Search for domain, select the domain > click change IP > there you can change the IP which you want to change.

    STEP 5 – You want to create DNS record,

    DNS Functions > Edit DNS zone

    1. You will see a list of all the zones already on the server. Find the domain you want to edit, select it, and click the edit button bellow the box.

    2. After selecting your domain and clicking the edit button, a new page will open where you can edit and create records.

    3. You can change every DNS records there, after change the DNS you want to click the option save, to save the your changes.