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    How to update Private nameservers in the SeekaHost client area:

    This information will give you step-by-step instructions on how to edit or update private nameservers in SeekaHost

    STEP 1 – Login to your SeekaHost account

    STEP 2 – Click on the domain and my domains


    STEP 3 – After this, you want to choose the domain in which you want to update name servers.

    Once you select your domain you want to click that dot after that you want to Click managing domain.

    STEP 4 – For registering name server you want to select the private name server on your left,
    In the Nameserver box you want to give ns.1
    In the IP address box you want to give the domain’s IP address.

    After that you want to click Save Changes to register a Nameserver name


    STEP 5 – Modify a Nameserver IP
    If you want to modify your nameserver IP you want use this place,

    You want to give > Nameserver
    > Current IP address
    > New IP address


    Click the save changes.


    STEP 6 – Delete nameserver,

    If you want to delete your nameserver, in this box you want to give your Nameserver name and click the save changes to delete your Nameserver.


    STEP 7 – Updating Nameserver,

    To click on the Nameserver option and click Use Custom Nameserver and enter the list of Nameserver and click change Nameserver