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    Hello Aravind,

    Today i completed the below task


    How to create an account in Seekahost

    Account Creation

    You can only create account while placing an order

    Here is the link –>

    How To Register a domain in seekahost


    Domain name is a website name people can easily find your domain, people can’t remember IP address and where domain name comes


    Step 1: Go to the domain section and click to register domain


    Select the tld you want to purchase

    TLD :

    Top level domain is the final part of the domain name also called domain extensions.

    v  cctld: Country code level tld is two letter domain is used to designate a country ex: .in , .Co.Uk

    v  Generic tld: Generic tld is common type of tld most people use ex: .net .org. Com

    v  Sponsored tld : This type of tld sponsored by private entities



    Enter your domain name and see if it is available or not

    If Available

    Great! You are going to register your domain name soon

    If the domain you’re looking to purchase is not available, then it is already registered by some other person

    You can see our suggestion List



    v  After entering the domain name, add to cart and then click continue

    You can see options like DNS management and Id protection

    DNS management

    DNS management in hosting is the process of managing your domain name’s DNS records. This includes adding, editing, and deleting DNS records such as

    A Record

    v  Which converts your domain name into IPv4 address

    AAAA Record

    v  Which converts your domain name into IPv6 address

    MX Record

    v  A mail exchanger record that is route to the mail server

    CNAME records

    v  Canonical record is type of record that maps one domain to another domain

    Nameserver record

    Nameserver record contain type of authoritative name server record within DNS zone


    Id Protection:

    It will protect your personal information in who is information and avoid spam message filled in your box

    v  Click DNS Management

    If you want to buy Id protection, Click id protection

    Id protection will be $5.00/year



    If you want to extend your Domain registration period you can drop down the period/cycle

    Then Give your personal information, billing address and Then enter your password


    Choose payment method

    v  Debit/credit card

    v  Paypal

    v  Debit/credit card subscription

    Step 2: hosting package

    Hosting package let you customize the resources allocate each site. each site can have only one hosting package

    Go to Hosting package navigation

    Choose your hosting package as per your requirement





    How to buy SEO hosting package & configuring it on domain

    Choose your hosting Package plan and then click get started



    Choose your billing cycle

    v  Monthly,

    v  quarterly,

    v  semi-annually

    v  annually

    For additional disk space (1GB): $1.00/mon


    Enter the domain name you want to host with this package in below option and click continue


    If you are already existing customer, you can see your account here


    If your new customer fill the contact information, billing address and choose payment method click checkout

    you will get all details through the ticket

    Raise a Ticket

    If you forgot to give domain list or want additional bandwidth. while placing an order you can raise the ticket

    v  Go to client login area and support section

    All the ticket you will going to raise you see here



    v  open ticket

    v  Choose the service which you want to raise the ticket mention subject and your domains list in the message box

    v  Click submit



    Update the nameserver in client login area

    v  Go to client login area

    v  Navigate to the domain section and click my domain

    v  Select the domain which you want to update the nameserver and click the three dots and select manage domain

    v  Select Private nameserver and enter the ns1 in nameserver and IP in Ip address and follow the same for the ns2, ns3, ns4 and ns5 then click save changes

    v  Go to the custom name server and enter the nameserver you have updated in private nameserver and ns1 followed by domain name and same for ns2, ns3, ns4, ns5 and select change nameserver

    Wait for maximum of 24 hours to 48 hours to complete   propagation time

    You can see the propagation status here – >


    Host Seo package

    Details required to host

    Domain name and email of client.

    v  Go to the SEO server login

    v  To access WHM enter the IP address or domain and the 2087 port in your browser

    For example:

    v  Create account in Web hosting manager(WHM)

    v  Enter Email id, domain name and username will select automatically and enter your password then save all your details in the notepad

    v  And select SEO hosting

    v  change IP for each domain and make sure you not allocate main share IP

    v  Select the classes of IP as per the client requirement and allocate unique IP to each domain

    Go to the zone editor

    v  Select the domain which have created now

    v  Add two new A record and mentioned the IP address in the IP section and in the name enter ns1. Domain name and same for ns2.

    v  Click existing SOA record in that enter Mname -> ns1.domain name and Rname Hostmaster@domain name and same for other domain

    v  Click two Name server record -> Ns1. Domain name and Ns2. Domain name and click changes